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Next Gen Happenings (Starburst) part 1
Starburst strutted into the castle like she owned it herself.  Her uncle Shining had invited her to help him keep the guards under control at the Crystal Empire.  After a good years of being in rule of it, he had begun to lose his grip, even though Cadence held another half of the empire.  Starburst walked into the throne room and hug her uncle.
“How long has it been again since we last saw each other?”  Starburst asked as they ended the embrace.
“I think it was Hearth's Warming Eve from two years ago.  My have you grown since then, I feel like it was just yesterday when you were the cutest little filly.”  Shining said as he playfully tugged her cheek.
“So what was it you wanted me to help with?”  Starburst asked as they walked to the porch that overlooked the majority of the empire.
“You know how this kingdom has a problem with Sombra, right?”  Shining asked.
“Yeah, does that mean he's back?&
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Next Gen Happenings (Cotton)
“Well I think that's a great idea.  Just one question, how are you gonna do it?”  Pinkie asked as she gave Cotton Candy her plate of sprinkle filled pancakes.
“It's easy, I'll just ask my friends if they want to help and that they and whoever they want to bring are welcome to come.”  She replied as she took a massive bite out of the pile of breakfast delicacies.
Cotton filled a little bag with a list and some invitations.  She then walked out the door and immediately found Prism almost immediately.
“Oh, hey there Cotton.  Watcha with that basket?”  Prism asked as he started to look closely at it.
“Actually, that's what I need to see you for.”  She said as she pulled one of the invitations out of the bag.  “I bet you want to help in some way this time?”  She asked as he took the envelope in his hoof.
His face lit up a bit at seeing the invitation, but then got a worried look on his f
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Long ago in a far away forest long forgotten, lies a glade hidden to man. A cave not far from the waters edge is a home for a family long forgotten. A family of four with scales that sparkle like gems and wings of varied color and type, dragons. They feared they were the last. so the elder, the young mother, and the two hatchlings traveled to find more of they're kind. The elder with scales the color of cloudy skies and eyes so brown they seemed black, the young mother, was a beautiful purple with speckles of lime green and honey brown eyes. The youngest of the hatchlings was the color of the sun with emerald green eyes, his wings though were feathered and a golden brown and he would one day be known, in history, as the great sun dragon. For now he was known as Rae falcon feather. the elder dragonling was devoid of color, an albino? no, a rare white dragon. she was small with opalescent scales, her eyes so blue they made sapphires jealous and she also had feathered wings the small feathers that covered her wings were white save her flight feathers which were a rainbow of soft pastel colors. she was called luna moon feather but as time passes she will be known and the great moon mother. Years passed and the dragon family had traveled from they're grassy glade to the oceans' sandy beaches. By now the young ones were almost old enough to fly.
    "Here,"the mother thought " here will be perfect to teach them to fly, its about time anyway." after a quick nap the mother took her hatchlings to a wide open area with tall boulders to jump from.
    "mother," Luna asked "what are we learning today?" mother looked at her daughter and smiled, she was always eager to learn.
    "we are learning to fly today " mother said with a smile.
    "YAY!!" the two hatchlings squealed in excitement.
    "ok, ok you two settle down. I'm going to show you what to do then you will try ok?" the two nodded. before she took off Luna asked
    "mother how will you teach us to fly when we have different wing types?" mother thought for a moment.
    "flying is the same no matter what your wing type, or if you like, ill show you what I know and then you can learn more from the falcons and eagles ok?" the two nodded once more. mother turned and in one leap was airborne, she circled twice and landed, the ground shook a bit as she landed.
    "Luna you try first. Run up the boulder as you flap your wings then jump." Luna nodded hesitantly she backed the length of mother behind the boulder, that sloped up, then took off flapping her small wings the whole way. when she came to the end of her small runway she jumped, still flapping, she squeezed her eyes shut and felt the ground leave her claws. Cheers from below her coaxed her eyes open, she was flying.
  • Listening to: Paramore
  • Reading: Game of Thrones
  • Watching: lots of things
  • Playing: fire emblem
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: water


bethany tupper
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
i am an individualistic artist i sing play an instrument draw and write im not very tech savy so bear with me


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